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Dec 12

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Nikon D70s and Exposure Control

I was over at Bukit Jalil doing some photography (okay, okay... it was more like drooling) for the Xtreme Nights car show. As it was night event, the lighting conditions weren't ideal. At one point, it was even threatening to rain, but thankfully, it stayed dry while I was there (apart from the puddles of saliva). Anyway, back to the point of this post, I realised a couple of things about the behaviour of my Nikon D70s while taking the pictures. Two things are particularly interesting for me: 1. Exposure Bias (EV) does affect Manual (M) mode I always thought EV doesn't affect the manual meter, afterall, you're in FULL control. You decide what you want the camera to do, and you look at the exposure meter to decide how you want to expose the image. But actually, it does. Setting an exposure of -0.7EV and dialling in the controls for shutter speed (assuming the aperture is not changed), the shutter speed will be higher if you're bringing the exposure meter to 0EV. This is confirmed in page 86 of the user manual. 2. Slow/Rear Flash Sync doesn't limit your shutter speed I always had the problem of the D70s hitting the 1/60s shutter limit set in the menu (in Aperture priority mode) when lighting conditions were difficult and a flash had to be used. This meant that the flash was always going to be the sole light source and that the resulting image wouldn't be natural in its lighting. Setting the flash to either Slow sync or Rear sync solves this problem. Although now you're faced with a longer shutter speed and steady hands (or a tripod) would be required. Although I've used this camera for almost 2 years now, I'm still getting to grips with it. And I still love it to bits! p/s: Yeah.. the pics will be coming soon.. once I get round to processing them. 🙂 I went with tango, so go here for his shots...

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