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Dec 11

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First foray into HDR

I've always been fascinated by HDR and what it means for photography. With digital, taking multiple exposures and layering them on top of one another without any loss of quality just makes HDR a natural progression. HDR also gives photographers an opportunity to show much more of what is in a scene, in most cases, what the eye is capable of seeing but not what a camera's sensor is capable of capturing. But from what I've seen, HDR images tend toward high saturation and high contrast. Don't get me wrong, I like the style. It often produces very dramatic looking images, particularly if you have a gloomy sky with rays of sunlight punching through and foreground subjects that are partially shadowed. I'll definitely try that out one day, but for now, the images below are aiming for a more natural look. All shots were taken handheld, bracketed for +/- 1 EV. I've sliced the original images for you to get a hint of what the original images looked like.

HDR #1 - Before

HDR #2 - After

HDR #2 - Before

HDR #2 - After

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