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Dec 23

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Nikon SB-700 review roundup (updated 19 Sep 2011)

Nikon SB-700

Now that the Nikon SB-700 has started hitting store shelves, reviews are starting to appear. So far, the initial reaction has been a good one. The SB-700 seems to be a worthy SB-600 replacement, and in most cases is even giving the SB-800 a run for its money. From the reviews thus far, the reviewers are in favour of:
  • Smaller physical size (compared to the SB-900)
  • Better balance when on the camera
  • No apparent overheating issues
  • Better gel system
  • Improved interface (compared to the SB-900)
  • Lower price (compared to the SB-900)
Below are links I've managed to find thus far. As with my D7000 review roundup, I will be updating this post as and when I find new links. Reviews Others

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