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Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 23

Natural looking HDR portfolio

Titcomb Basin Sunset HDR by Colby Brown

I stumbled across Colby Brown’s portfolio of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Colby is a professional photographer specialising in nature, travel and humanitarian photography. What strikes me most about his photos is how natural they look. Most of his photos show detail that the human eye will probably see if he/she was there in person …

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Dec 21

Photographing exploding consoles


Dan Saelinger uses high speed photography to excellent effect to capture images of exploding Xbox 360s. 10 Xboxes were blown up in the process of getting the perfect shot. I could’ve used one… Head on over to Dan’s site to see the setup and a brief description about the whole process. Link: Explosions for Fortune

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Dec 20

The best D7000 review yet!

Since the release of the D7000, Nikon fans have been discussing it ad infinitum. Discussions ranged from ‘D300s killer!’ to ‘AF performance not up to par’ to ‘D7000 overexposes more than normal’. Alot of the negative comments I’ve seen have made me question whether or not to even consider the D7000. Hence my research on …

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Dec 19

The Nikon D7000 (updated 19 Sep 2011)

Research, research, research. Trying to decide on whether to plump for the D7000? Maybe this will help…

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Dec 17

Strobist test drives SB-700

Dave Hobby over at Strobist has gotten his lucky mitts on the Nikon SB-700 flash. Like the Nikon D7000, this is another product from Nikon that I’m keeping a close eye on. From the test drive, Dave seems to have a fair bit of good things to say about it, so initial impressions seem good. …

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