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Jan 05

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Snapshot: Still not there…

Take a look at the two shots below and take a guess which was taken with a P&S (point and shoot) and which was taken with a DSLR. Which do you prefer?

First attempt

Second attempt

I don't know about you, but I prefer the first attempt. And that's what bugs me. The first attempt was taken in 2004, using my Nikon Coolpix 5400. And the second attempt, just moments ago with my D70s with my Tamron SP90 macro lens. I just realised how lucky I got with the first shot way back in 2004. I'm having quite a bit of trouble replicating the shot. The fact that I didn't know then what I know now makes it even worse! There's better contrast in the first shot and the lighting was just right (to me anyway). So, back to the drawing board! ** And no, I'm not gonna look at the EXIF of the first image! Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know which image you prefer.

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  1. kristen

    depends on what the focus is. the first pic seems to have more emphasis on the claws and the structure of the ring, the 2nd picture has the focus on the diamond.

    1. blog.stillworx.com

      Thanks for your comment! Personally I prefer the first, hence the attempt at recreating the image.

      What I’m after is the structure and the contrast on the reflections / refractions in the diamond that the first pic achieved. I suspect I know what the cause is. In the first pic, I was using a more narrow focused light while the second one was using a bigger light. I can’t prove this yet until I get a replacement battery for the single LED torch that I used.

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