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Jan 14

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Nikon D400 rumours

Rumours of a Nikon D300s replacement are making the rounds now. If true, these rumours make the D400 (?) quite a formidable camera. The D7000 has significantly raised the bar for serious amatuers. This in turn has raised expectations that the D400 will be a killer. What kicked of the latest round of speculation? Well, Sony is rumoured to have a 25 megapixel APS-C sensor in the works. We all know that Nikon sensors are basically Sony sensors built to Nikon specs. Nikon Rumors speculates the following:
  • 24 megapixel APS-C sensor
  • a return to a full-alloy pro body
The big question for me will be, to buy the D7000 or the potential D300s replacement? If the rumours are accurate, then it'll be the D7000 for me. Why?
  • I don't really need a bulky pro body
  • I'm not planning to knock my camera about in any serious way (I've dropped my plastic bodied D70s before and it's still working fine)
  • 6fps from the D7000 is more than enough
The only drawback is the limited buffer size of the D7000. Which will definitely have an impact in situations which demand long continuous bursts (sports photography or children and pets). I figure if I'm going to photography my son or some exuberant dogs, I'll use Normal JPEG setting which should be more than enough (32 frames at 6fps, which is roughly a 5 seconds). Link: Nikon Rumors : Sony rumored to announce 24MP APS-C sensor, what would Nikon do? (Nikon D400)

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