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Daily Archive: January 24, 2011

Jan 24

Snapshot: Through the window

Woke up and saw the sun’s rays coming through the window. Originally I wanted to get an image of the sun’s rays as it shone through the dust in the air, but the image just didn’t materialise (probably due to a lack of skill). But I liked what I saw on the floor.

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Jan 24

The Star In.Tech EOS Movie Challenge

Not a photography contest, but DSLR related nonetheless. Deadline: 14 February 2011 Up for grabs: Grand prize: Canon EOS 60D (EFs 18mm-200mm IS) 2 x Special Jury Awards: Canon EOS 550D (Efs 18-135IS) 7 x Consolation Prizes: Digital Ixus 130 Theme: Memories in Motion What do you have to do? Form a team to produce …

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Jan 24

Snapshots: Pictures from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

I was wondering if any authority keeps track of the development and changes that happen in any particular area? I’m always intrigued by old photographs of urban areas which are then compared with current photographs.

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