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Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 28


A technically brilliant piece of work isn’t necessarily a brilliant piece of work… and vice versa!

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Feb 28

Snapshot: No ***king??

  Sorry… couldn’t resist! :p And no, I didn’t move the sign…

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Feb 27

Nikon D4 and D800 rumours

Left - Recent patent image by Nikon, Right - Drawing of D4 by Adrien Séné (flickr)

I love Nikon Rumors.. Whether the rumours of the D4 and D800 are true or not, it still makes for interesting reading.

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Feb 21

Nikon D5100?

Apparently, Nikon Rumors has an image of some Nikon D5100 boxes all packed up and ready to be shipped out. Rumoured specs are: Same body as the D5000 14 MP sensor Swivel LCD Video 1080p The sensor is as what Thom  Hogan predicts: I think the only real question most of us have is whether it …

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Feb 19

Snapshots: HDR moon?

The moon was extra bright last night, and the clouds rolling across it was just too compelling for me to ignore. If you’ve tried to photograph the moon before, you’ve probably realised that the moon is actually quite bright, especially when compared with the sky and clouds. In order to properly expose the clouds, I …

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