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Feb 01

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Snapshots: Ushering in the Lunar New Year

Wife: "Let's go to 1 Utama, they have a lion dance show today!" Me: "Hrmmmph..." Wife: "Don't you want to take pictures?" Me: "Hrmmmph..." My lack of enthusiasm stems from the fact that my previous attempts at photographing lion dance shows resulted in shots that fell far short of what I expected them to be. I brought my camera along anyway, just in case (and not wanting to break my resolutions barely a month into the new year). This time, I brought along my Tamron 90mm. Which I figured might give me some reach, and also force me to think on my feet. Which, as it turned out, was quite a good thing! The crowd was pretty big, and it was almost impossible to get up close. The 90mm also allowed me to frame tighter shots, hence removing the crowds from the background. Lion dances are actually great to watch. Each performance is pretty much unique, and varies from troupe to troupe. The troupe that performed in 1 Utama that day was a national champion of some sort (I didn't hear the announcer clearly). Each pair of performers must synchronise and unify their movements so that to the crowd, they don't appear as two people, rather, as one lion. And I think the four performers dressed as two lions at the show that day did a pretty convincing job. Below are some of my picks. All shot with the 90mm and post-processed to give them a more 'warrior-like' feel. I only wish I had more time to get shots of the drummer.

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  1. Kristen

    Nice pics! I like the 2nd shot – close up of the lion. You must be quite close to the performance!

    1. blog.stillworx.com

      Thanks! 😀 Glad you like the pics!

      I was maybe 20 feet away for that shot. Was moving around quite a bit, to get different angles.

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