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Feb 05

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Is the cloud safe?

This story only goes to show that there is no real safe place to store your stuff. Mirco Wilhelm's flickr account got deleted due to a mix-up. At first, all he got was an apology and an offer for four years of free subscription. Which prompted this outburst. In the end, flickr managed to restore the entire account and has given him 25 years' free subscription. Anyway, I'm curious...
  • Doesn't flickr back up any of its content? (The fact that they managed to restore the account actually shows that they do, but why the first message of apology then?)
  • Don't they check first to see if they are indeed deleting the right account?
The trend these days is to move everything over to the cloud. I'm a bit more skeptical... until the service providers provide some sort of service level agreement that guarantees my data is safe, I'm gonna stick with my hard disk backups, thank you very much. For its part, flickr does promise that it is currently working on implementing account restoration functionality, issuing this statement to the New York Observer.
Yesterday, Flickr inadvertently deleted a member's account.  Flickr takes user trust very seriously and we, like our users, take great pride in being able to take, post and share photos.  Our teams are currently working hard to try to restore the contents of this user's account. We are working on a process that would allow us to easily restore deleted accounts and we plan on rolling this functionality out soon.
However, there are still some unsatisfied flickr users out there...

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