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Feb 27

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Nikon D4 and D800 rumours

Left - Recent patent image by Nikon, Right - Drawing of D4 by Adrien Séné (flickr)

Left - Recent patent image by Nikon, Right - Drawing of D4 by Adrien Séné (flickr)

I love Nikon Rumors.. Whether the rumours of the D4 and D800 are true or not, it still makes for interesting reading. Nikon D4 - Rumoured to be the first to offer Intel's Thunderbolt interface. What is Thunderbolt? From Wikipedia:
A single Thunderbolt port supports a daisy chain of up to seven Thunderbolt devices; up to two of these devices may be high-resolution displays. Intended to replace many or all of the high-speed buses in modern PCs, just as USB replaced many lower-speed ports, Thunderbolt is meant to have the bandwidth and low latency to support high-performance systems such as eSATA and FireWire, as well as DisplayPort v1.1a through an implementation on its driver chip.
Nikon D800 - Rumoured to have the following:
... claims that the D800 will have a sensor carriage that can be removed by an authorized dealer. The rest of the specs: 16.4MP FX and 12MP B&W sensors, 3.3? LCD screen with a built in collapsible hood, new MB-D10i battery grip, 1/16000sec, full HD video at 120fps.

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