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Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 05

Is the cloud safe?

This story only goes to show that there is no real safe place to store your stuff. Mirco Wilhelm’s flickr account got deleted due to a mix-up.

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Feb 03

Snapshot: Coloured tubes

I love the colours in this shot. I especially like the contrast between the sharp, straight lines of the dull bricks versus the curved, intricate lines of the vibrant neon tubes.

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Feb 02

Joe McNally’s the Language of Light

Joe McNally has been busy producing the Language of Light, a 2-disc DVD set on lighting. According to Joe, the DVDs will have stuff from: …studio to location and back again, we show f-stops, shutter speeds, setups, break downs (mostly mine), things that didn’t work, things that did, and just about everything in between. Currently …

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Feb 01

Snapshots: Ushering in the Lunar New Year

Wife: “Let’s go to 1 Utama, they have a lion dance show today!” Me: “Hrmmmph…” Wife: “Don’t you want to take pictures?” Me: “Hrmmmph…” My lack of enthusiasm stems from the fact that my previous attempts at photographing lion dance shows resulted in shots that fell far short of what I expected them to be. …

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