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Mar 08

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Nikon D70 service advisory

Nikon D70

Nikon D70

Spotted a service advisory for the Nikon D70 on Nikon Malaysia's website. If your D70 is behaving as follows:
  1. The memory card access lamp blinks continuously and camera operations are locked. (When a CompactFlash memory card is inserted.)
  2. The camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery. (When a CompactFlash memory card is not inserted.)
Then send your camera in so Nikon can replace some parts FREE OF CHARGE! In addition, if your cam was acting up and you had it fixed before the service advisory, Nikon will fully reimburse you for it. Way cool Nikon! Further information: Nikon D70 service advisory Nikon D70 service advisory update  

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