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Mar 08

Nikon D70 service advisory

Nikon D70

Spotted a service advisory for the Nikon D70 on Nikon Malaysia’s website. If your D70 is behaving as follows: The memory card access lamp blinks continuously and camera operations are locked. (When a CompactFlash memory card is inserted.) The camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery. (When a …

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Mar 07

Snapshot: Looking skywards

Humans have always had this fascination with the sky… whether it is reaching skyward, or conveying messages to the heavens.

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Mar 06

Snapshot: Army Day preparations

The shot above shows the Royal Malaysian Army preparing for their 78th Army Day celebrations to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch on the day itself. This composite shot consisting of two images sees paratroopers aiming to hit a red X somewhere in the middle of Dataran Merdeka.

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Mar 02

Photo opportunity : 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

The hot air balloons are back! From 17 to 20 March 2011, balloonists and their hot air balloons from all around the world will descend (get it? ;)) on Putrajaya. The event should provide lots of shooting opportunities of not just the colourful balloons themselves, but of the various other events happening such as kite …

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Mar 01

Maha low-discharge batteries

  I just got my second set of Maha PowerEx Imedion batteries! I’ve been using rechargeable batteries ever since I got my first remote controlled car. Back then, the batteries were NiCd (nickel-cadmium), took 6-10 hours to fully charge, lasted about an hour (non-stop use) and probably didn’t even hit 1000mAh. These days, NiCd has mostly …

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