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Apr 18

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Snapshot: Sauber’s little touch

Along with a few friends, I was at the Sepang F1 Circuit for the Energizer Night Race 2011. You've probably heard by now how poorly organised the run was. The run itself was fun, it was a great atmosphere (even with cheaters cutting corners) and running on a world class race circuit is totally different from running on normal public roads. Sadly, the other parts of the event was either nothing to shout about or totally CRAP. Just Google "Energizer Night Race organisation" and see what you get. Anyway, while walking in the pitlane, I noticed this: It was clearly Sauber's pitbox as it had a Japanese flag (for their driver Kamui Kobayashi), a Swiss flag (as the team is based in Switzerland) and a Mexican flag (for their rookie driver Sergio Pérez). I wonder if other pitboxes had personalised touches like this. F1 teams always add their own personal touch to things. Even 'ultra professional' teams like McLaren leave tiny touches like this behind (I believe they used to paint every pit garage they used so that it looked brand spanking new).

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