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Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 27

Snapshot: Out with the old…

My son’s first permanent tooth is now starting to appear. When his milk tooth started to wobble, my wife and I told him that he could go to the dentist to get it removed. He didn’t like the sound of it so we suggested that he wobble it whenever he could. And this he did …

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Jun 24

Light field photography

When I first found out about light field photography a couple of years back, I got excited. Imagine never having to worry about focusing when taking your pictures. This could possibly reshape the way photographs are taken, particularly in fast paced situations, just snap away. Snap first, focus later. Fast forward a few years, and …

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Jun 23

F-Stop Watch

Dang! Father’s Day just went by and when my wife asked me what I’d like, I couldn’t think of anything… This watch would’ve made a swell gift.. πŸ˜‰ It’d be even cooler if it really had a working aperture on its face. If you’re interested in picking it up, head on over to Photojojo.

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Jun 20

Snapshot: Bug Adventure…

My son’s preschool organised a short three day school holiday camp. The word ‘camp’ is used rather loosely here. My son basically just attended school for 3 days (albeit for shorter hours) and didn’t have to wear a school uniform. Oh, and it cost MORE than a regular school day. My son had fun though, …

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Jun 19

Kuching – part 3

Whilst the city center of Kuching itself has alot to offer, many attractions can be found within 45 to 80 minutes’ drive away from the city. Β On the final day of our stay, we paid a visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and the Annah Rais Bidayuh longhouse.

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