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Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 22

Snapshot: They’re not blocks

They’re parts making up a robot.. in fact, the blocks can be just about anything my son imagines them to be.

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Jul 20

Snapshot: Juicy!

Tip: Don’t take photos of food when you’re hungry. This orange didn’t last long.

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Jul 17

Technology marches on

I am frequently reminded of how quick technology evolves whenever I handle any of the newer DSLRs. My Nikon D70s feels like a dinosaur in comparison. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both the D60 and D90 covering events. The difference between either camera compared to mine is huge! Back in the days of …

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Jul 14

2D Photography Inc: Rube Goldberg

Check out this cool Rube Goldberg Machine from 2D Photography Inc.. Read about the whole idea and process as well as view a bunch of other related videos here.

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Jul 10

Digital Photography School: Canon vs Nikon infographic

Take a look at Digital Photography School’s interesting Canon vs Nikon infographic…

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