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Aug 25

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New cameras, but no sign of Nikon DSLRs

Both Nikon and Sony announced a bunch of new cameras yesterday. Sony has two new DSLRs and two new NEX cameras. All four are impressive. In contrast, Nikon announced six new Coolpix cameras. Where are the DSLRs Nikon?! For me, there are two possibilities as to why this is the case. Since Sony and Nikon work pretty closely together in terms of sensors...
  • ... they decided not to steal each other's thunder and decided not to announce DSLRs at the same time. In fact, there weren't any overlapping product announcements from the two.
  • ... Nikon knew Sony was going to announce its DSLRs and decided that they didn't want to compete with Sony's DSLR announcement.
Or, maybe Nikon always planned to announce their DSLRs in September. Question is, what are they going to be? The D300s (D400?) replacement? The D700 (D800?) replacement? Both? Related links

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