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Oct 08

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Quick review of the GGS LCD glass screen protector for the Nikon D7000

I usually sling the camera across my back when I'm not using it, and when I do need it I just swing it to the front. It's easier than having it in a bag which can be a little cumbersome. This is how I lost the Nikon D70s' screen protector and rubber eye cup. In any case, according to the Nikon D7000 manual, the clear plastic screen protector (BM-11) for the rear LCD is meant for use when the camera is in storage. So I decided I wanted clear stick-on screen protector, which is how I came across the GGS D7000 screen protector. The GGS screen protector is not your run of the mill plastic screen protector. It is in fact made of glass. The glass is 0.5mm thick and is stuck in place by 3M double sided adhesive tape around its black borders. The shape of the glass itself is identical to the shape of both the top display panel and rear LCD panel. According to the manufacturer, the glass has at least 90% transmittance (which I can safely assume is higher than the plastic protector that shipped with the camera). It also supposedly is able to withstand a force of 12kg per square cm. Seeing as the camera spends some of its time round my back and bumping into stuff, I decided to give this a try. Installing the glass on both panels is quite a nerve wracking affair since I knew at the back of my mind, that if I screwed it up, I'd have a misaligned piece of screen protector that probably can't be reused if removed or worse, cracked if removed carelessly. Before installing, I wiped down the LCD panels with a microfibre cloth and blew off any dust using a blower. I found it easier to do it where there is no breeze (so turn off any fans) as well as under a bright table lamp (to spot dust landing on the LCDs). Installation turned out to be a breeze. Before the adhesive sets, it is possible to make tiny adjustments to the positioning. Once I was happy, I just firmly pressed down on the sides to make sure the GGS screen protector is secure. Because the shape of the glass perfectly mirrors the existing panel, both screen protectors don't seem out of place or even noticeable on the camera. The edges are smooth and rounded off so you won't cut yourself. I didn't notice any problems viewing images on the LCD. But if you do use the Nikon screen protector when storing your camera, take note that it won't fit after installing this. The glass does protrude a little and I'm wondering if one day it may get caught on a loose article of clothing or something. Only time will tell. But as of now, I'm quite satisfied with it. I can now wipe down the LCD and not worry about scratches.  

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