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Oct 09

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The Nikon D7000 and… macros

As I slowly explore what the Nikon D7000 is capable of, the first thing I explored is macros. I have to say, I'm more than happy with what the D7000 is capable of. There're quite a few reasons why the Nikon D7000 is a good tool for macros. Read on for more. 1. Live view By far the best thing about the D7000 for macros is its live view. Focusing on macro images is critical and the live view helps alot. You can zoom in on areas of the image to check on critical focus before snapping. 2. Mirror-up release mode When taking macros, every little movement shows up, and that includes camera movement caused by mirror-slap. The D7000's mirror-up mode allows you to raise the mirror first before capturing the image. Just half depress to raise the mirror and a full press captures the image. The best part is, the mirror-up release mode works with the remotes! Even without depressgin 3. Front and rear infrared receivers Having infrared receivers both at the front and the rear allows you to snap images with the ML-L3 remote almost wherever you are around the camera. 4. Optional wired remote Like the ML-L3, the MC-DC2 does much of the same except it's wired. It would've been better if the D7000 used the MC-DC1 which I already have for my D70s though... 5. Strong high-ISO performance High ISO comes in handy when attempting handheld macro shots. Higher ISO means higher shutter speeds, and hence less shake. The fact that the D7000 has rather controlled noise at higher ISOs means I'm probably going to rely alot more on this feature. 6. 39-AF points Macros are all about manual focus. But I sometimes use AF to bring the lens into a ballpark range of focus that's more or less 95% there. Having 39-AF points means I can select the point I want without having to recompose. 7. 16.2 megapixels More megapixels means more you can do with an image, particularly cropping. I don't usually crop my images, but having this as an option is always good.  

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  1. Juin

    I’m deeply impressed with the performance. Is ISO1250 the highest comfortable range?

    That last pic arguably the best shot (IMHO) with the details and sharpness. Great job!

  2. blog.stillworx.com

    Depending on what you intend to do with the image, I’d be comfortable with ISO3200. 😉

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