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Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 30

Snapshot: Elvis is not dead…

…he’s in Malaysia!

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Nov 29

Spot the fakes

Photoshopped Fergie: New software claims to be able to identify where - and how much - an image has been retouched

Researchers claim to have created software which is able to identify where and how much an image has been altered. I’d like to have this as an app for my mobile! Read more

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Nov 28

Photography basics – An introduction

You love taking pictures… whether it’s with your mobile or your point-and-shoot. You take pictures of almost everyone and everything, your friends, family, strangers, food, flowers, toys, architecture, landscapes, etc. Some of your pictures, you really love.. and others are merely acceptable, whilst others you delete immediately. You realise that while you love taking pictures, …

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Nov 22

Snapshot: Heated pace of development

The pace of urban development here in Malaysia is quite staggering. This is a shot Surian Tower under construction over at Mutiara Damansara back in 2008. I like the bright red sun in the background giving the picture a very warm feel.  

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Nov 21

Snapshot: Nectar hunter

Continuing the dig through my older images… At 1/800s, the wings are still a blur! Amazing!  

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