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Aug 31

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Mashable reviews the Nikon Coolpix A

A Nikon Coolpix A (photo by Mashable)

A Nikon Coolpix A (photo by Mashable)

I don't get what Nikon is trying to do with its camera line up. They have DSLRs in the form of DX and FX sensors, but they don't have the lens lineup to fully support DX. So if you're looking at a pure Nikkor lens set, you'd have to get some FX lenses. Then there's the Nikon 1. Other manufacturers have gone with an APS-C sensor in most of their mirrorless cameras but Nikon introduced another sensor size. And now there's the Coolpix A which has a DX sensor but in a non removeable lens format. And, it costs more than some other APS-C cameras. Seriously?? Anyway, head on over to Mashable for the full review of this retro looking camera.

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