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Aug 23

Twitter adds user photo galleries

Twitter has added photo galleries. A couple of weeks ago, Twitter added image uploading. Now you can have all those images in one easy to browse space. You’re limited to the last 100 images you loaded though. Facebook’s user status is very much like Twitter’s except it doesn’t have that 140 character limit. flickr allows …

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Jun 14

Yes.. I’m still around

It’s just that I’ve been sidetracked with a number of things. And it all started with my hard disk having bad sectors. That’s being sorted out as I write this and hopefully, I should be getting a replacement in 2-3 weeks’ time. I’ve also been a little occupied helping a friend with his sister’s wedding …

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May 29

Hard disk on the fritz

The hard disk that all my photos sit on is misbehaving.. hence Kuching part 3 will be out after I iron out the kinks. But this does highlight the importance of backing up your data. I didn’t really backup my data.. my usual practice was to move the most important files over to the newest …

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Apr 24

Socks for Japan

My son’s kindergarten recently held a charity drive for Japan. Rather than go for a typical cash donation, the kindergarten chose Socks for Japan, a charity set up by Jason Kelly, an American expatriate living in Japan. If you’re interested to help out, visit the website for more details.

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