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Jan 24

Snapshots: Pictures from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

I was wondering if any authority keeps track of the development and changes that happen in any particular area? I’m always intrigued by old photographs of urban areas which are then compared with current photographs.

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Dec 27

The art of HDR photography @ Digital Photography Review

The folks over at dpreview have started a new series of articles Uwe Steinmueller of Digital Outback Photo on the art of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. The first chapter covers the basics of dynamic range and the basics of High Dynamic Range photography. Future articles planned will cover dynamic range, HDR challenges, HDR workflow, advanced HDR …

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Dec 23

Natural looking HDR portfolio

Titcomb Basin Sunset HDR by Colby Brown

I stumbled across Colby Brown’s portfolio of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Colby is a professional photographer specialising in nature, travel and humanitarian photography. What strikes me most about his photos is how natural they look. Most of his photos show detail that the human eye will probably see if he/she was there in person …

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Dec 11

First foray into HDR

I’ve always been fascinated by HDR and what it means for photography. With digital, taking multiple exposures and layering them on top of one another without any loss of quality just makes HDR a natural progression. HDR also gives photographers an opportunity to show much more of what is in a scene, in most cases, …

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