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Sep 23

Around the world in 60 seconds

Check out this inspring timelapse taken from the International Space Station and stitched together by science teacher James Drake: Science teacher Mr Drake used some 600 free-to-access images on the website The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, and knitted them together so everyone can enjoy the amazing view of North and South America. More …

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Sep 18

True glimpses of the underworld

A yakuza street fighter shows off his tattoo. © ANTON KUSTERS, 2011

Belgian photographers Anton and Malik Kusters recently published a book on the yakuza (the book’s already sold out). The Japan Times recently interviewed Anton about what inspired him to do the project and the experience he went through. I thought it would be like in the movies. Basically, most people think they are a bunch …

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Sep 17

Amazing photos from up high in Russia


These guys have guts… Imagine going up a skyscraper to get some shots with your camera and not using a safety harness… A teenager has been risking his life by scaling sky-high buildings to capture awe-inspiring photographs of the world below. Russian student Marat Dupro, 19, has been risking his neck since he bought a Canon camera …

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Aug 22

Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes - Day to Night

Check out some awesome pictures that depict a 10-hour timespan of New York in a single image. Photographer Stephen Wilkes would set up his camera on a single spot over a 10-hour period capturing various images and then digitally manipulate them to form one single image comprising elements of images taken throughout the day. His …

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Jan 08

Louis Pang’s best of 2010

Renowned wedding photographer Louis Pang reveals his top portraits for 2010. I like Louis’ style.. it’s clean, yet has impact. His images always captures the moment at the right time thus conveying a very strong narrative. Even when viewed individually. My personal favourites are 2, 4, 16, 17  and 21. Link: Louis Pang’s Best Portraits …

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