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Jan 07

My photography New Year’s resolutions

Eric Reichbaum over at Pixiq posted a 3-part photographer’s New Year’s resolution. It got me thinking, what should I, a budding photographer resolve to do in the year 2011? After much thought and contemplation, here are four of mine: Use whatever I can get my hands on If all I have at that particular moment …

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Dec 29

NPS Pro Spotlight

Nikon USA is featuring five videos on their NPS Pro Spotlight page. Amongst the distinguished pro photographers that they talk to or feature are my personal favourites, Joe McNally, Bob Krist and Scott Kelby. I’ve not seen all of the videos yet because my net connection seems to be crapping out, so I will publish …

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Dec 23

Natural looking HDR portfolio

Titcomb Basin Sunset HDR by Colby Brown

I stumbled across Colby Brown’s portfolio of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Colby is a professional photographer specialising in nature, travel and humanitarian photography. What strikes me most about his photos is how natural they look. Most of his photos show detail that the human eye will probably see if he/she was there in person …

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Dec 21

Photographing exploding consoles


Dan Saelinger uses high speed photography to excellent effect to capture images of exploding Xbox 360s. 10 Xboxes were blown up in the process of getting the perfect shot. I could’ve used one… Head on over to Dan’s site to see the setup and a brief description about the whole process. Link: Explosions for Fortune

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