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Sep 18

True glimpses of the underworld

A yakuza street fighter shows off his tattoo. © ANTON KUSTERS, 2011

Belgian photographers Anton and Malik Kusters recently published a book on the yakuza (the book’s already sold out). The Japan Times recently interviewed Anton about what inspired him to do the project and the experience he went through. I thought it would be like in the movies. Basically, most people think they are a bunch …

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Aug 15

James Mollison’s “Where Children Sleep”

Documentary photography James Mollison’s “Where Children Sleep” is a poignant, touching and direct look into the lives of children from around the world. The book looks at the bedrooms (or in some cases, the places they sleep) of children from various countries. Some may be familiar, others not quite so. Having a look at places …

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Aug 04

Snapshots: Game on!

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Jun 27

Snapshot: Out with the old…

My son’s first permanent tooth is now starting to appear. When his milk tooth started to wobble, my wife and I told him that he could go to the dentist to get it removed. He didn’t like the sound of it so we suggested that he wobble it whenever he could. And this he did …

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Jan 30

Snapshots: Chirpy brekkie

My son knows what he wants.. and how he wants it. This morning, he knew he wanted a toasted ham sandwich..

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