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Sep 08

Snapshot: Tugu Negara

Tugu Negara in HDR

Tugu Negara in HDR

Malaysia's national monument to the country's fallen heroes is popular with tourists and school-going children alike. And since my son was learning about it in school, I thought it was the right time to bring him there to have a look. I'm always impressed by its size, no matter how many times I've been there.

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Sep 07

Digital Negatives (DNG)

Like most amateur photographers, I started out with capturing my images with just JPEG. It does the job, it captures the image. However, JPEGs can be considered a final output. While there is alot that can be done to an image on JPEG, a raw file allows you to do more. A raw file is basically information that has been captured via the image sensor with little or no modification done to that information. It is just light information as the sensor sees it. This is information untouched by sharpening, compression and any other post-processing settings set in-camera (ie: colour, contrast, etc.). I started using raw to capture images when a friend wanted me to help him take some photos. Whilst raw has a few drawbacks (mainly storage related), it has way more benefits and that experience showed me what raw was capable of. Thereafter, I used raw in all my photos, even personal ones. As you may already know, Nikon's raw format is NEF. For the first couple of years, I used NEFs, then I stumbled across Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and DNG. DNG is Adobe's solution to the raw format problem. Each camera manufacturer produces its own raw format. There hasn't been any real attempt at creating an industry standard. DNG is supposed to fix this but based on its Wikipedia entry, it doesn't appear to be very successful in urging camera manufacturers to support its format. I started exploring DNG purely because of Lightroom and the fact that I wanted to future proof my image library. Assuming DNG becomes an industry standard, then my digital negatives should be safe. However, recently I have had hit and miss results with software other than Lightroom when it comes to dealing with DNG and this has made me doubt this method of storing my photos. So for now, I'm reverting to NEFs when storing my images and keeping a close eye on DNG's development. For more info about DNG and raw formats, check out any of the links below:

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Sep 02

Nikon D7100 review roundup (updated 2 Sep 2013)

The Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100

Announced earlier this year, the Nikon D7100 can be seen as an incremental update to the D7000, improving on an already successful formula. Key differences are the 24 megapixel sensor, improved video recording and 51 focus points. There are other subtle changes as well, such as the shape of the grip and shutter button's angle as well as revisions to the button layout. This post will be regularly updated with any interested bits and pieces I find about this camera so check back regularly. Reviews   Other

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Aug 31

Mashable reviews the Nikon Coolpix A

A Nikon Coolpix A (photo by Mashable)

A Nikon Coolpix A (photo by Mashable)

I don't get what Nikon is trying to do with its camera line up. They have DSLRs in the form of DX and FX sensors, but they don't have the lens lineup to fully support DX. So if you're looking at a pure Nikkor lens set, you'd have to get some FX lenses. Then there's the Nikon 1. Other manufacturers have gone with an APS-C sensor in most of their mirrorless cameras but Nikon introduced another sensor size. And now there's the Coolpix A which has a DX sensor but in a non removeable lens format. And, it costs more than some other APS-C cameras. Seriously?? Anyway, head on over to Mashable for the full review of this retro looking camera.

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Aug 30

What I’ve been up to…

Morning dew It has been a while since I posted something. Friends who drop by here have asked whether I'm planning on demising the blog. The answer is most definitely NO. So let's recap on what I've been up to since the last post.
  • My second son is now almost 2 years old... yes, time flies! And he's the main reason why I've not been actively posting.
  • I've been to a couple of holidays, images of which I'll be sharing on here soon enough
  • I've made a few trips to Sepang for some motorsports photography
  • I've had a new addition to my lens line up
Apart from that, I've mostly been busy between home life and work. What's been interesting in the world of photography is that:
  • There's still no D300s replacement from Nikon
  • Sigma's latest lens announcements are droolworthy
  • More and more compacts are using touch screens
  • There are experiments with Android as the operating systems
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 is out (and I've just gotten the hang of 4.3)
  • Mobile phones are now offering image quality which is as good as point and shoots from 5 years ago (in the right light)
So, with this post, I'm hoping to jumpstart this blog again.. fingers crossed! 😉

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