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Aug 04

Snapshots: Game on!

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Jul 05

When is enough, really enough?

Matt Kloskowski over at Lightroom Killer Tips raised a very good question: “So when is enough, really enough when it comes to post processing?” It is a question I am constantly faced with. How much post processing work is required / necessary / permitted for a given photograph? I think I have to follow the …

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Jul 03

Snapshot: Filial piety

This image was taken during a recent wedding event shoot. This specific shot was taken during the tea ceremony. I like this shot, mainly because of the contrast between two generations. And to me, this is one of those shots which work way better in black and white. There’s more impact, and the meaning is …

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May 13

Snapshot: Occupational hazard

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Apr 18

Snapshot: Sauber’s little touch

Along with a few friends, I was at the Sepang F1 Circuit for the Energizer Night Race 2011. You’ve probably heard by now how poorly organised the run was. The run itself was fun, it was a great atmosphere (even with cheaters cutting corners) and running on a world class race circuit is totally different …

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