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Aug 25

New cameras, but no sign of Nikon DSLRs

Both Nikon and Sony announced a bunch of new cameras yesterday. Sony has two new DSLRs and two new NEX cameras. All four are impressive. In contrast, Nikon announced six new Coolpix cameras. Where are the DSLRs Nikon?! For me, there are two possibilities as to why this is the case. Since Sony and Nikon …

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Mar 08

Nikon D70 service advisory

Nikon D70

Spotted a service advisory for the Nikon D70 on Nikon Malaysia’s website. If your D70 is behaving as follows: The memory card access lamp blinks continuously and camera operations are locked. (When a CompactFlash memory card is inserted.) The camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery. (When a …

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Dec 31

Sony Alpha 55 review roundup (updated 2 Feb 2011)

Sony’s latest DSLRs, the Alpha 33 and Alpha 55, are really intriguing cameras. To me, it shows that the pioneering spirit of Minolta is still very much alive. Minolta is the company that gave us the very first DSLR with an in-camera focus motor as well as the first camera ever to use in-camera anti-shake. …

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Dec 20

The best D7000 review yet!

Since the release of the D7000, Nikon fans have been discussing it ad infinitum. Discussions ranged from ‘D300s killer!’ to ‘AF performance not up to par’ to ‘D7000 overexposes more than normal’. Alot of the negative comments I’ve seen have made me question whether or not to even consider the D7000. Hence my research on …

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Dec 19

The Nikon D7000 (updated 19 Sep 2011)

Research, research, research. Trying to decide on whether to plump for the D7000? Maybe this will help…

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