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Aug 21

Snapshots: One location, two treatments

Came across this lane after having breakfast earlier. On a weekday, it’s busy, and full of people. Spaces that are occupied and used daily take on a totally different tone when there’s no one around. Which of the pictures below do you prefer? I prefer the B&W version.. Both are in HDR, taken handheld. Bracketing …

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Apr 05

Snapshots: Out in the garden

The garden is always a great place to get macros.. with lots of colour. I had originally set out to snap some of the mushrooms (HDR image after the jump) that grew out of a dead tree stump, but most of the mushrooms have already wilted, so I decided to make do with other things …

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Feb 28


A technically brilliant piece of work isn’t necessarily a brilliant piece of work… and vice versa!

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Feb 19

Snapshots: HDR moon?

The moon was extra bright last night, and the clouds rolling across it was just too compelling for me to ignore. If you’ve tried to photograph the moon before, you’ve probably realised that the moon is actually quite bright, especially when compared with the sky and clouds. In order to properly expose the clouds, I …

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Jan 24

Snapshots: Pictures from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

I was wondering if any authority keeps track of the development and changes that happen in any particular area? I’m always intrigued by old photographs of urban areas which are then compared with current photographs.

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