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Jan 03

Best of 2010: Photoshop Insider & Nikon Rumors

Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider and Nikon Rumors, two sites that I visit often are sharing their top stories/posts for 2010. From their lists, my personal favourites are: Nikon Rumors: The pictures (Nikon D7000, SB-700, 35/1.4, 200/2) Photoshop Insider: Shooting the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama Photoshop Insider: What Constitutes an “Over-the-Top” HDR Shot? Check out …

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Dec 29

NPS Pro Spotlight

Nikon USA is featuring five videos on their NPS Pro Spotlight page. Amongst the distinguished pro photographers that they talk to or feature are my personal favourites, Joe McNally, Bob Krist and Scott Kelby. I’ve not seen all of the videos yet because my net connection seems to be crapping out, so I will publish …

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