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Jan 03

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The Best of ishootshows.com 2010

I've only recently stumbled across Ishootshows.com, a site run by freelance photographer Todd Owyoung. But I will definitely return for more. Todd specialises in live music photography and band portraits. His site also features reviews on gear (I found his site whilst looking for SB-700 reviews). Anyway, like Photoshop Insider and Nikon Rumors, Todd is also sharing with us his favourite posts of 2010. I've not had the chance to read up on all of them yet, but the ones I like so far are: Link: ishootshows.com

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  1. Syahir Hakim

    Thanks for sharing the link to the articles, David!

    I just got my first DSLR (EOS 550D) a week or two ago, and really in the learning phase now of photography + post-processing techniques. Your blog provides very good resources for me to learn!

    1. Hi Syahir,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and I’m glad you find it useful (the blog won’t look the way it is without your theme). The 550D is a nifty little camera which has quite a few functions to keep you learning for quite a while. Hope you continue to visit my blog! And please do share with me any suggestions or comments you may have.


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