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Aug 30

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What I’ve been up to…

Morning dew It has been a while since I posted something. Friends who drop by here have asked whether I'm planning on demising the blog. The answer is most definitely NO. So let's recap on what I've been up to since the last post.
  • My second son is now almost 2 years old... yes, time flies! And he's the main reason why I've not been actively posting.
  • I've been to a couple of holidays, images of which I'll be sharing on here soon enough
  • I've made a few trips to Sepang for some motorsports photography
  • I've had a new addition to my lens line up
Apart from that, I've mostly been busy between home life and work. What's been interesting in the world of photography is that:
  • There's still no D300s replacement from Nikon
  • Sigma's latest lens announcements are droolworthy
  • More and more compacts are using touch screens
  • There are experiments with Android as the operating systems
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 is out (and I've just gotten the hang of 4.3)
  • Mobile phones are now offering image quality which is as good as point and shoots from 5 years ago (in the right light)
So, with this post, I'm hoping to jumpstart this blog again.. fingers crossed! 😉

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