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Sep 25

Fun on the swing

Being a kid means you have the right to be excited over any little thing. To most adults, a swing is a swing is a swing. To my son, a swing is a ticket to sheer unadulterated fun. It’s a joy to see him enjoy himself so much over the simplest of things. It reminds …

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Aug 24

Snapshot : Architecture…

Man’s concrete and steel creation versus nature’s own solution…

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Aug 21

Snapshots: One location, two treatments

Came across this lane after having breakfast earlier. On a weekday, it’s busy, and full of people. Spaces that are occupied and used daily take on a totally different tone when there’s no one around. Which of the pictures below do you prefer? I prefer the B&W version.. Both are in HDR, taken handheld. Bracketing …

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Aug 04

Snapshots: Game on!

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Jul 22

Snapshot: They’re not blocks

They’re parts making up a robot.. in fact, the blocks can be just about anything my son imagines them to be.

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