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Sep 16

Taking Dreamy, Misty Ocean Photos at the Beach

PC World has some quick and simple tips on doing long exposures on the beach… You can get absolutely gorgeous results with a very wide range of shutter speeds, ranging anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 or 30 seconds, so try a few and see what works best for you. More here…  

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Sep 13

Using phone cameras, but not for photos

Using your camera phone for anything but taking pictures? Gasp! You’re reading a magazine article, and suddenly you’re struck by the elegant font used in the headline. What is it? You’ve got no clue, but you’d love to find out. With WhatTheFont, you take a photo and the app scans for a match in the …

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Sep 01

Haje Jan Kamps’ 50 must read photography books

Haje Jan Kamps's 50 must read photography books

How many of the books suggested by Haje Jan Kamps have you read?  

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Aug 24

How to take great holiday photos

Machu Picchu in the Rain, copyright Steve Davey

Professional photographer and author Steve Davey gives his top six tips on how to take great holiday shots. If you photograph something on its own, then you have a picture of what it looks like. If you photograph it with something else, then you can create a more interesting and complex photograph and also set …

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Aug 23

Michael Soo’s 4 Steps to Stunning Engagement Photos

Award winning photography Michael Soo shares his 4 steps to taking excellent wedding engagement photos. For a more casual, spontaneous feel, he loves shooting at beaches and forests. For an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere, he uses backgrounds of architecture and cityscapes.

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