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Apr 02

IShootShows.com: 5 Tips For Changing Lenses Faster

Todd Owyoung over at IShootShows.com has some interesting tips to share about changing your lenses faster… I’m not too sure about tip no. 2 though… I’m super protective about dust and my glass. But I think we all know that a little dust isn’t something to be too worried about, especially at larger apertures.

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Mar 29

Maintaining and cleaning camera equipment

When I first started photography, I didn’t give much thought to cleaning, let alone maintaining the equipment. But I realised soon enough, when I got my first smudge on the front element of my lens, cleaning and by extension, maintaining your equipment is important.

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Mar 14

My top 10 tips on learning photography

I get asked questions like this all the time: “What’s the best way to learn photography?”.  As with almost anything, there’s no one way of doing things. In fact, it is always a combination of things. Read on for my top 10 tops.

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Jan 25

It’s not about the camera

As the Nikon rumour mills start churning on the potential D300s and D700 replacements, the D400 and D800 respectively, something occurred to me: cameras are now geek toys. Toys that get upgraded with something faster and better every two to three years. Back when film was the preferred way of capturing an image, product refreshes …

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Jan 22

Ever had your stuff ‘stolen’?

If you’ve ever had your stuff stolen before, whether it’s something cheap or valuable, I’m sure the feeling you’ve had upon finding out is one of annoyance, disgust and violation.

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